Upcoming Tournaments and Events

  • January 23
    Peterborough Archers
    IFAA indoor Championship
  • January 30
    Hamilton Archery Centre
    10 Ring Local Tournament - Fundraiser
  • February 6
    The Archers Of Caledon
    FITA - 10 Ring Indoor Tournament
  • February 13
    South Nation Archery Club
    SNAC Annual February WA18 Tournament
  • February 19
    Archery Ontario
    2022 Ontario 10 Ring Championship
  • February 20
    The Archers Of Caledon
    Archery Ontario Championship FITA - 10 Ring Indoor Tournament
  • February 21
    South Nation Archery Club
    2022 Ontario 10-Ring Championship at SNAC
  • February 27
    Peterborough Archers
    Ontario Regional 10 Ring Championship
  • February 27
    York County Bowmen
    AO 10 ring Indoor Championships
  • February 27
    Hamilton Archery Centre
  • March 6
    The Archers Of Caledon
    Archery Canada Championship FITA - 10 Ring Indoor Tournament
  • March 6
    Peterborough Archers
    Canadian Indoor 10 ring Championship

Sunday October 27, starting @ 10 am in the Highland Boardroom
Hidden Valley Resort
(an Ascend Collection hotel)

Same location as last year! There is a restaurant on site.
Address: 1755 Valley Road Huntsville, ON P1H 1Z8 /Phone (705) 789-2301

Please note that ALL in attendance at the AGM must be members in good standing with OAA.

10 AM Call to order/Land Recognition/Welcome!

  1. Attendance & Minutes

  2. Adoption of minutes form 2018 AGM

  3. Agenda Items (Other...)

  4. Elections/Board Positions up for Election

    1. VP Administration
    2. VP Athlete Development

  5. Championship locations for 2020 & 2021

    *If you are thinking to bid on the locations left open for 2020 (3D and Field), per locations cited below, please advise Kevin ahead of time via email so that we can make time to have you (or the Club you represent) share the information at the assembly. 

    1. *Call to bid on Championships for 2021 - By ( October 21 )

      Major Event 2020 2021 2022
      Junior Challenge Wilderness & AIM
      3D Championship OPEN
      Target Championship Peterborough
      Field Championship OPEN

      Chart of the rotation cycle, by zone

      Event Central North Eastern Eastern Western North Western
      3D 2021 2017 2018 2019 Open to All Zones
      Field 2017 2018 2019 Open to All Zones
      Target 2018 2019 Peterborough
      2021 2017

  6. Finance

    1. Funding
    2. Finance

  7. Strategic Plan

  8. Updates from the board

  9. Awards Nominations
    The Awards below are traditionally handed out that the AGM. Please fill out the forms and advise via Email as soon as possible.
    • Reg Edie Merit Award
      Presented to the OAA Sports Club or Association which has made an outstanding contribution to the good and welfare of archery in general
    • Andrea Dopson Volunteer of the Year Award
      Selected by the OAA Board of Directors and given to an individual member (or members) of the OAA who has (have) made an outstanding contribution to archery in his/her community during the previous year.

  10. Motions from the Membership

  11. Other...