Upcoming Tournaments and Events

  • July 3
    Hamilton Angling & Hunting Assoc.
    IFAA Field Round
  • July 3
    Galt Sportsmen's Club
    Extreme 3D Shoot
  • July 9
    The Archers Of Caledon
    Target Tournament 720 / 900 / T2S Weekend
  • July 9
    Halton Sportsmen's Association
    Halton Sportsman's 3D outdoor tournament
  • July 9
    South Nation Archery Club
    SNAC 2022 4 X 720 WEEKEND DAY 1
  • July 9
    Porcupine Hollow Archery Range
    Host Easton pin down
  • July 10
    South Nation Archery Club
    SNAC 2022 4 X 720 WEEKEND DAY 2
  • July 15
    Archery Canada
    Archery Canada National Championships
  • July 16
    Waterloo County Bowmen
    Two Day Shoot
  • July 16
    Sudbury Game & Fish Protect. Assoc.
    3D Archery Tournament
  • July 17
    Petawawa Archery Club
    3D tournament outdoor
  • July 17
    Tavistock & District Rod & Gun
    3D Open Shoot

Your Archery Ontario Board of Directors has recently met and wanted to share the following information and motions. If you have any questions, or wanting additional information, please email a member of the board or contact our office.

  • Decisions on this year’s outdoor activities will be made in June once the stay -at -home order is lifted.
  • Please stay safe and take good care; practise ALL public health guidance, including masking, disinfecting and social distancing.

Motion 1: 2021 Archery Ontario Ten Ring Championship (FITA)

As it relates to the Ten Ring Championship, in accordance with the stay at home order, the tournament will be conducted in a virtual 18-meter target round with standard categories, to be shot between May 20th and June 30th, indoor or outdoor, while following local public health guidelines. All scores are to be submitted with a digital photo of the signed and dated scorecard as well as a digital image of the full target face by midnight, June 30th. Participants will submit these directly to Archery Ontario via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To participate, you must be a member of Archery Ontario. Does not count for provincial records. Medals will be awarded.

Motion 2 : 2021 IFAA Championship

As it relates to the IFAA tournament, the scores and results that have been submitted will stand, including records. This championship is classified as completed. Medals will be awarded.

Update on Quest for Gold Funding, on behalf of the MHSTCI

The Quest for Gold program was established in January 2006 by the Ontario Government, the primary objective being to provide additional support to Ontario’s amateur athletes through the provision of direct financial support and enhanced access to high performance coaching and competitive and training opportunities. Over 550 Ontario athletes were carded under the Canada Card designation in 2019-20.

For fiscal 2020-21, the $6.36 million Quest for Gold program will be allocated directly to the Canada Card program only, which is those Ontario athletes who have reached the national/international competition level. Athletes identified by their National Sport Organization and who are part of Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program will be contacted to register for this program.

The pandemic has resulted in cancellation of programming and competitions, with provincial-level athletes not having an opportunity to compete, leaving most sports with no means of ranking athletes, had the Ontario Card program been continued.

This revision to the funding levels of the Canada Card program is for fiscal 2020-21 only. No decisions have been made about subsequent revisions to the Quest for Gold program. It is our hope that your sport can return to full training once we move out of this pandemic.

Thank you.