Upcoming Tournaments and Events

  • October 3 - CANCELLED
    Hamilton Angling & Hunting Assoc.
    3D at HAHA Saturday Trad and Barebow only
  • October 4 - CANCELLED
    Hamilton Angling & Hunting Assoc.
    3D at HAHA - SUNDAY - Open all Categories
  • October 17
    Pioneer Sportsmen Club
    Pioneer 3D River Bottom Classic
  • October 24
    Waterloo County Bowmen
    Halloween Fun Shoot
  • November 1
    The Archers Of Caledon
    Caledon 5 Ring Indoor IFAA Round
  • December 13
    The Archers Of Caledon
    Caledon Glass Turkey - Modified Chicago Round
  • February 6
    Galt Sportsmen's Club
    Gerry Lee Frozen Finger (Traditional Only)
  • February 7
    Galt Sportsmen's Club
    Gerry Lee Frozen Finger (Traditional Only)

Greetings to all Club representatives;

Please read the attached documents carefully relating to Stage 1 of opening Ontario and Emergency Order Amendment – See Section 10 Pages #2,3,4 and (Page # 5 – Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities –section 7)

  1. Included is a Back 2 Sport policy document. This must be followed by all clubs
    This is to be used as a best practice guideline in conjunction with the Provincial guidelines and stipulations as it relates to sports activities.
    Please post included signage – COVID Chart, COVID Distancing, and Hand Wash
  2. Provincial list of stage one opening, read yellow highlight sections on page 3
    Example - Outdoor recreational sports centers for sports not played in teams will open with limited access to facilities (e.g., no clubhouse, no change rooms, washrooms, and emergency aid only).
  3. We advise and recommend you use this policy Return to Sport and follow all provincial requirements
  4. Inform all members of your club as to their roll of practicing and following all health guidelines.

For example – Please post the specific directives and expectations you are setting out for your club and/or range so ALL members who are at the club and/or range can read carefully!
There should be NO VISITORS at this time, only paid members. Also, if your club or range has a website, the directives and expectations need to be clearly posted there to inform the membership.
There is an expectation that members will be respecting the guidelines you set out and if not, it may result in the memberships being revoked. When we all act diligently and carefully, we can move forward to resuming our archery practice in a safe, healthy, and enjoyable manner.

Thank you!