Have you signed up for the 2020 Archery Ontario Grand Championship yet?

  1. Did you know… Since its inception in 1999, the Grand Championship has ALWAYS been that whatever category you shoot at your FIRST event of the year is the category that you shoot for the GC. This is the same for this year.
  2. What’s important again this year is… to communicate your intent to participate in the Grand Championship this year to Kevin in our administration office via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), as well as declare the category you will shoot at the first IFAA Indoor event you shoot starting this January.
  3. What’s NEW!!! At the Fall 2019 AGM, the membership adopted a motion to only recognize the Compound, Recurve and Barebow categories for Field and Outdoor Target. As a result, the Compound Unlimited Grand Championship division can no longer exist. This leaves 3 streams; Compound, K50 and Barebow. Please see below this year’s categories.
Compound Stream
Compound – Indoor 5 spot
Compound – Indoor FITA
Compound Unlimited – 3-D
Compound – Outdoor Target
Compound – Outdoor Field
K-50 Stream
Any – Indoor 5 spot
Any – Indoor FITA
K50 – 3-D
Any – Outdoor Target
Any – Outdoor Field
Barebow Stream
Barebow – Indoor 5 spot
Barebow – Indoor FITA
Barebow – 3-D
Barebow – Outdoor Target
Barebow – Outdoor Field
Recurve Stream
Recurve – Indoor 5 spot
Recurve – Indoor FITA
Recurve – Outdoor Target
Recurve – Outdoor Field