Dear members / fellow archers;

We want to acknowledge your question : What might Summer Provincial Archery Outdoor Major Events look like? However, it is still too early to tell how the 3 Stages of Reopening will play out!

We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm around the announcement of plans for the province with STAGE 1 set to start on June 14th. Each stage is set to last 21 days (providing the data is in line with expectations and there are no fluctuations(i.e. rise in cases putting a strain on the ICUs in health care). People have to keep getting vaccinates and we have to keep social distancing, continue disinfecting and wearing a mask until such time as we are instructed differently from public health officials.

3 stage plan for the province

*Based on the plan, outdoor gatherings for 25 people are set for STAGE 3 ONLY! We recognise that this may change over time and we will keep you apprised of next steps for major provincial archery outdoor events once we know more. We do plan to meet once Stage 1 gets underway and more data and direction is available to ALL SPORTS from the province.

In the meantime, if you want to practise archery, you can register for our virtual event with a current membership (no cost to participate). Medals will be awarded for ranking, but scores are not considered for records. You can join an archery club/range (they would surely appreciate your membership) and follow archery club rules for being on their premises and shooting and following public health guidelines.

Thank you for your ongoing patience. We will keep you posted.
Please Stay Safe by following public health directives!
Your board of directors,
Archery Ontario