OAA Target Championships

Target archers shoot indoors or across a field, with everyone in each equipment category and/or age group shooting the same distance. Targets are a five-colour bulls-eye measuring 80 centimetres or 122 centimetres, which are based on age and equipment style. Modern recurve bows “the type used in the Olympic Games“ and compound bows are the most popular equipment options in target archery. The Ontario Target Championships is registered with both Archery Canada and World Archery allowing for National and International Records to be attained. Scores from this events also count towards National Ranking.

Notables about target archery:

  • It's the only form of archery in the Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Archery Canada is the National Governing Body for Canada and follows the rules of the World Archery Federation
  • Archers alternate shooting six arrow ends outdoors; each end is four minutes.

2022 Target Championships

  • Registration and Official Practice (June 24th at 5pm)
  • Day 1 (June 25th)
    - Compound ( up to 50 m ) -  Recurve and Barebow  (up to 70m)
    - Double 720
    - Awards at end of day
  • 8 am practice and 9 am start with break for lunch
  • Day 2 (June 26th)
    - Ontario Open - Elimination rounds  
    - Awards at end of day
  • 8 am practice and 9 am start 

Date: June 25th - 26th 



  • $75 Adult
  • $55 Youth
  • $160 Family
  • Registration will close June 17th
  • No walk ons
  • Prices subject to HST

AO membership is required to win championship medals and may be paid at the door.