The OAA 10 Ring Championships is held from the Saturday of the 2nd last weekend of February to the Sunday of the last weekend of February. Currently this tournament is held in various locations across the province maximizing participation. Scores are submitted to the OAA by the hosting clubs tournament organizers and scores posted on the results page of the OAA Website.

This event consists of a 600 round score on 3-Spot FITA Target (60 arrows at 18m). OAA/AC Indoor rules are followed for these events. 

OAA membership is required to win championship medals and may be paid at the door. Guests are welcome however there are no awards and their scores will not be published.


This year the OAA 10 Ring Regional Indoors will run from February 15th - February 23rd

Make sure to check the online Tournament Listing for Dates and Host Locations

ENTRY FEES: Must be an OAA Member to be eligible to compete for awards.

Youth $35.00

Adult $45.00

Family $85.00     : Note these are the max fees - clubs can charge less if they like 

OAA Tournament Dates


Check back for more information about this year's 10 Ring Indoor Championship.