The AO 10 Ring Championships are held New special date May 20th and June 30th See "NEW " below for details

This event consists of a 600 round score on 3-Spot FITA Target (60 arrows at 18m). AO/AC Indoor rules are followed for these events.

Archery Ontario membership is required to win championship medals and may be paid at the door. Guests are welcome however there are no awards and their scores will not be published.


   " NEW " 

Motion 1: 2021 Archery Ontario Ten Ring Championship (FITA)

As it relates to the Ten Ring Championship, in accordance with the stay-at-home order, the tournament will be conducted in a virtual 18-meter target round with standard categories, to be shot between  May 20th and June 30th, indoor or outdoor, while following local public health guidelines. All scores are to be submitted with a digital photo of the signed and dated scorecard as well as a digital image of the full target face by midnight, June 30th. Participants will submit these directly to Archery Ontario via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To participate, you must be a member of Archery Ontario. Does not count for provincial records. Medals will be awarded.

Make sure to check the online Tournament Listing for Dates


and Host Locations

ENTRY FEES: Must be an AO Member to be eligible to compete for awards.

Please note this year's 2021 virtual version of this  tournament no fees will be collected . Medals only will still  be awarded.

Youth $00.00

Adult $00.00

Family $00.00: Note these are the max fees - clubs can charge less if they like

OAA Tournament Dates


Check back for more information about this year's 10 Ring Indoor Championship.