The Archery Ontario Indoor Mail Match is a competition held yearly from the first of January to the end of March. Competitors may shoot a maximum of one 300 Round (30 arrows at 18m, Archery Ontario Rules Apply) per week for 12/13 weeks. These scores are sent to the Mail Match Coordinator which is then posted on the Archery Ontario Website Results Page.

At the end of the 12/13 weeks, the six best scores for each archer are averaged and certificates awarded for each Equipment Classification.

  • The Archer must have someone witness and sign their scorecard
  • People registering in this event must submit a mailing address with their scorecards
  • Cheques should be made payable to the Ontario Association of Archers
  • Clubs or Groups wishing to participate in this tournament must register with the Mail Match Coordinator

You must register your club as a competition host site for the Mail Match, and yourself as an Individual Shooter on or before February 25th  for your scores to be counted in the Archery Ontario Mail match.

The Mail Match is an excellent way for the archer who cannot get to any of the larger tournament locations during the winter months to still participate. It also provides the archer an idea as to how others archers are shooting by comparison. This competition is also good practice for tournaments but under less stressful conditions.

Archery OntarioTarget and Field Equipment Classes will be used for the Mail Match

If interested in taking part in this event as a club, please contact the Mail Match coordinator Jason Stewart, Archery Windsor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We ask that the following Scores Reporting Template to be used for the Mail Match - Weekly Scores should be submitted to the Mail Match Coordinator

Archery Ontario Mail Match Entry Fees

Fee: $10.50 for Non-Archery Ontario Members and $8.50 for Archery Ontario Members, per equipment division. The fee must be submitted to the Archery Ontario Office before results are declared final. Anyone may compete in more than 1 Equipment Category or Age Division, but must submit appropriate fees per Equipment Category or Age Division.

The Archery Canada Mail Match is held at the same time as the Archery Ontario Mail Match. The same scoring round may be reported to both coordinators (SCORING IS DIFFERENT FOR EACH) even though the same shooting results are used for both matches. For more information on taking part in the Archery Canada Mail Match please visit their website - Scores for the Archery Canada Mail Match must be submitted to the Archery Canada Coordinator, along with Entry Fees. Clubs participating in the Archery Canada Mail Match must have joined Archery Canada as a club.

*Please note - the Archery Canada Mail Match uses the CDN 300 Round, Compounds score "outer 10" and count "inner 10" as X

Check back for more information about this year's Mail Match.