Special announcement for Masters 60 participants in the upcoming 2024 Outdoor Season Championships

At its Spring Planning Meeting, the Archery Ontario board of directors passed a motion in alignment with one of the goals of the organization “To have a Fully Engaged Membership.” So, if you are 60+, be sure to register in the Masters 60 category for the upcoming 2024 outdoor season.  AO will present medals in this category, at all 3 major championships, providing there are at least 5 athletes registered per category.

This is also in alignment with the LTAD Development whereas the “Active for Life” stage allows athletes (archers) to participate in competitive sport (of Archery) based on age group competition so individuals can achieve their potential.”

Recognizing that one third of the membership is in this age category, this initiative will allow Archery Ontario to gather data on the participation of members in this age group, at Outdoor Championship Events in 3D, Target and Field Archery.  When you register for events, as soon as you enter your birth date, equipment categories for the 60+ age group will appear if you qualify. This category continues to be tracked by Archery Canada for records.

What if there are not at least 5 participants in the Masters 60 category? Well then, the athletes/archers will be placed in the same Masters 50 category, just like we have done in the past.  So, be sure to talk to your friends and get everyone on board, if you want this to happen successfully, this Summer, this is your opportunity to be counted! If you’re 60+, sign up for the Masters 60 Category!

Please be sure to attend the Fall AGM, when we plan to report back on the outcome of this initiative. No matter your age, we look forward to seeing everyone in the great outdoors at the upcoming 2024 events.  Here – Here – Share the good news!  Let’s show some love and support for our 60+ members.